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If you are a new client, please feel free to reach out any way you feel comfortable – either by email or phone.

I look forward to listening to your story and getting to know you better.




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A variety of hours, including weekends, are offered throughout the week to accommodate client’s schedules. Please note that 3:30pm–6:30pm are the most popular times and the wait to see Veronica may be longer. In this scenario, when making your first few initial appointments, consider booking a slot outside of this timeframe, so you can get on the schedule as soon as possible. As you become an established client, Veronica will do her best to accommodate your busy schedule, including weekend hours.

Veronica's Office
Where to Find Us
Veronica Lichtenstein Quote Set Down Baggage

If you’re not going to unpack your baggage, 
at least set it down once in a while.

- Veronica Lichtenstein, LMHC

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