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Celebrating Sam’s Remarkable Journey

Dec 27, 2023

After a remarkable odyssey of dedication and determination, our son has graduated with his Bachelors in Film and a minor in Creative Writing. We couldn't be prouder of his incredible journey. 🌟 Along the way, he faced challenges that required him to think outside the box and embrace unconventional approaches. He possessed ideas that were ahead of their time, often leaving teachers and peers struggling to understand.

One such challenge came in the form of note-taking. While it is now widely accepted that using a computer for this purpose is more efficient, Sam found himself clashing with teachers and peers in high school who insisted on handwritten notes. Despite these hurdles, Sam never wavered in his pursuit of his passions.

From a young age, Sam demonstrated a passion for creativity. He constantly sketched, wrote stories, and even designed his own board and computer games. This passion for writing led him to write a play in high school and two professional screenplays in college. In fact, he even managed to obtain his real estate license within just three months while still in college.

Sam's distinctive perspective and determination have sometimes been misconstrued by others, yet he never allowed it to dissuade him. He remained resilient, determined, and steadfast in his pursuit of his aspirations. Today, he serves as a compelling example of how embracing our individuality and innovative thinking can lead to remarkable success. 

We are deeply grateful to the dedicated mentors in his journey: the late Reno Boffice, the principal who provided unshakeable support; Lynn Bently and Nora Ugalde, two of the most dynamic and unconditionally supportive teachers one could ever work with; and finally, the late Dr. Tim Tavis, whose wisdom, patience, and insight will forever resonate within our family.

As Sam embarks on this new chapter of his life, he will be working for his father's company while saving up for his future plans, which may include a move to sunny California.  He is also focused on saving up for his dream house. His unwavering dedication and unique perspective assure us that he will continue to achieve great heights.

To all the graduates out there, including our beloved Sam, congratulations! Your hard work and resilience deserve to be celebrated. As a mental health counselor and a proud parent, I am honored to witness such inspiring stories of personal growth and achievement. Here's to a bright and fulfilling future for each and every one of you! 🎓🌟

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