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Veronica Lichtenstein

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Hello, I am

I listen
to people to really understand their point of view first.

Psychotherapy may not always cure a condition or make an unpleasant situation go away, but it can give an individual the power to cope in a healthy way while improving self-esteem and outlook on life. Of utmost importance for success is making sure you feel comfortable talking.


Talk therapy really is a partnership and should be viewed as such. You will be asked to be an active participant and take a part in decision making. After all, no one knows your situation better than you. Being open and honest are key ingredients to a successful outcome.


Let’s talk and find out what is really at the core of your personal issues. I am ready to REALLY listen to you.

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Private Mental Health Practice 
in Palm Beach County 2024
Mental Health Counselor Jupiter Florida


through therapy

Often the first question a new client asks is,    


“Where do I begin?”

So much is on your plate; it might feel like it will take forever to tell your life story and what is on your mind. My philosophy is that wherever you start is the right place.

Veronica has been interviewed and quoted on various important mental health issues on ABC News, Men’s Health, UpJourney and more. 
Talk Therapy Jupiter Florida

You're the only one with yourself 100% of the time.

- Veronica Lichtenstein, LMHC

Talk therapy Jupiter Florida

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